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Our Top 6 Kaytranada Remixes

Louis Celestin, known by his stage name Kaytranada, is a Haitian-born and Canadian-raised musician who’s been making an explosive rise in the industry. He’s been a hot commodity since his long-awaited debut album, 99.9%, was released in May of 2016 with an overwhelmingly positive response. He’s an outstanding producer and DJ, but Kaytranada got his start making viral remixes.  His remix of Janet Jackson’s “If” went viral via Soundcloud in 2012 and sent him into superstardom. Since then he’s become known for his mixing mastery, turning beloved tunes into new favorites. His sound bridges the gap between the dance world and hip-hop/RnB, and it’s simply magnificent. We’ve compiled a list of our fave Kaytranada remixes here at RB:

Chance The Rapper – “All Night”

Chance The Rapper and Kaytranada linked up earlier this year on the track “They Say.” Their styles are meshing once again on Kaytranada’s extended joint of Chance The Rapper’s “All Night.” It’s hard to believe anybody could elevate a Chance song as he’s already so good at what he does, but this remix adds a new level of funk that we just love.

Pharrell – “Happy”

One of the happiest songs on the planet just got a little happier. Pharell’s silky vocals are still the star but Kaytranada slows it down and gives it an ultra chill vibe.

TLC – “Creep”

TLC’s “Creep” is a throwback classic I never mind hearing. Kaytranada’s “Creepier Edition” is so flawless I’m questioning why I haven’t heard more remixes of this killer tune. He leaves the original recognizable but adds a notable flair to the jam.

Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me A River”

This may be my favorite Kaytranada remix ever. It’s short, simple and ultra sexy. He uses Justin’s angelic vocal sample over a hypnotic beat. It sits just under 2 minutes so I find myself listening to it over and over again to get my fill.

Jill Scott – “Golden”


Perhaps I’m biased because the original track stands alone as one of my favorites. It seems like Kaytranada is drawn to feel-good music much like myself. Jill Scott’s voice on this track is strong and powerful and the extra bass Kaytranada adds makes it that much better. I certainly feel ‘golden’ when I listen to it.

Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson – “What It’s Gonna Be”

Last but certainly not least is an old school tune from Busta Rhyme and Janet Jackson. Kaytranada chops the vocals on this song flawlessly, reconstructing the classic into something new. This particular remix strays from the original the most and highlights Kaytranada’s mixing skills.

With his career only beginning and having accomplished so much already, keep your eye on this extraordinary producer as chances are you will be hearing a lot from him in the decades to come. Kaytranada is hitting downtown Phoenix on Friday, August 11th with The Gaslamp Killer and Sango. Grab tickets here.

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