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DJ to watch: Balkan Bump

America, the land of the free and home of the brave. The U.S. is a beautiful and diverse collection of people that make this country special and ever flowing with outbound imports that makes this big world feel small. Our “melting pot” of a land provides endless opportunities to experience things from other cultures and regions of the world. Today our DJ to watch, Balkan Bump, is a producer who takes this aspect of our living and used it as a foundation for his latest project and alias.


Blakan Bump, born Will Magid, turned his UCLA studies of Ethnomusicology into an art form that caught the attention of Lowtemp record owner, Grammatik. Taken under his wing, Balkan Bump has signed with the label and put out two tracks that can be compared to nothing–a true sign of a rising star. Released just 5 days ago, his track, “Irfan” transports you to an exotic land full of everything you know and loved about EDM, mixed with new flares that can only be described as BB’s “sound”. He integrates an ethnic feel, a zingy procession, and he goes live on the trumpets to create something truly his own.

Balkan Bump is out here pushing boundaries of traditional EDM and we can’t wait to see more from him.

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