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The Real Story Behind Zoey Dollaz’s ‘Post & Delete’

Zoey Dollaz, born Elvis Millord, is a radical member of the rap industry. His hard-hitting beats and aggressive vocals have earned him a spot on tracks with T-Pain and DJ Stevie J, along with artists features from Future, Chris Brown, and Bantino.

With millions of views on YouTube, it’s obvious Zoey Dollaz has received a lot of attention for “Post & Delete,” but what’s the real motive behind it all? Well, Dollaz mentions how his companion on the track, Chris Brown, has had a lot of content run through the Internet that has been posted that needed to be deleted.

Zoey Dollaz “Post & Delete” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

As for Dollaz, he got the idea for the song when he accidentally posted something on his Instagram story instead of sending it to someone specifically. Now that’s tragic. Honestly, that’s one of the worst things you can do these days, especially if that post is only for certain eyes to see.

This Saturday, all eyes will be on Zoey Dollaz as he takes the stage at Salt in Glendale. Without a doubt, he’ll be droppin’ the heat with “Post & Delete,” so make sure to buy your tickets now.

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