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The Evolution of Oshi

Joshua Brennan, better known as Oshi, is the 19-year-old, emoji-loving, curse word slangin’, smiley musician who stepped onto the scene about 3 years ago. He’s since captivated the world with his bubbly personality and eclectic vibes. I was inspired to analyze Oshi’s time in the scene when “Ridin Round” came up on my feed and the excitement for Phoenix Lights started to simmer. With the festival just a few months away, I bring you the evolution of Oshi.


The year is 2014 and young Oshi put out his first track on Soundcloud, an ahead-of-its-time and a much-needed remake of Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters.” The once RB/pop track was now a futuristic bass synched up symphony that caught the attention of over a million curious fans and turned his 200 Soundcloud followers into 2,000 (at the time). Soon after he released a string of songs which quickly revealed his image, style, and personality (check out the song titles).

By 2015, Oshi had crafted a solid repertoire of eclectic tracks and found himself all over various music platforms being the “kid you gotta check out”. His what seemed like over-night music fame caught the attention of Soulection, the influential Los Angeles-based music collective, who released one of his songs, “Hang On” on their compilation which helped him gain credibility and traction. Soon after he released remixes of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” Gallant’s “Weight in Gold.”  and his heart wrenching original “Separated”.

In 2017, we received an overload of Oshi. He was featured on the world-renowned Diplo and Friends show, and released what looks like the beginning stages of an EP. He had a major uptick in his show schedule, playing all over the US and near his hometown of London.

Now in 2018, we look forward to bringing the frizz ball of beats to AZ for Phoenix Lights for his Zona debut. Oshi makes music like no other, his show will be an unparalleled and indescribable experience. Don’t miss this one, don’t cry while watching Snapchat, Don’t be that guy who waited too long, grab your tickets here.

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