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Check Out Whethan’s BROCKHMAPTON Bootleg

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you probably keep up with music trends. This past month, Hip-Hop group and self-proclaimed boy band, BROCKHAMPTON, has received endless praise on social media for their 3 albums SATURATION (I, II and III). If you haven’t heard any of these albums, I highly suggest you give them a listen.

Recently, Whethan bootlegged BROCKHAMPTON’s song, “Stain.” Whethan released this new track telling his fans via Soundcloud, “Made this for fun, hope you enjoy!” and fun is exactly what it is. This new track has BROCKHAMPTON’s incredible vocals and lyrics mixed in with Whethan’s classic drum and synths while adding a trappy vibe to the already fire beat in the original “Stains.”

Whethan’s Good Nights Tour is kicking off very soon and he’ll be touring with geniuses like Bearson, Opia, and even Saint WKND. Unfortunately, won’t be heading to Arizona, but has tons of dates in California (including Coachella), and neighboring states like Nevada and Utah.

Connect with Whethan: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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