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Andy Milonakis is Coming to Arizona

Quadruple threat Andy Milonakis is a comedian, rapper, writer, and actor. In 2006, Andy uploaded a video to Youtube titled “The Superbowl Is Gay.” It received a crazy amount of hype and subsequently landed him a writing position for Jimmy Kimmel Live. “The Superbowl Is Gay” is basically a 5-minute video of Milonakis poorly strumming a guitar, singing about how pretty much everything is “gay.” In today’s more politically correct culture, who knows if this would have gone as viral as it did. Ten years ago, however, this video blew up and landed Andy some pretty incredible roles.

Not only did he write for Kimmel, but you may recall seeing “The Andy Milonakis Show” on MTV  or MTV2 growing up. This show had no real plot, but lots of crazy comedy sketches and celebrity cameos, such as Snoop Dogg, Hilary Duff, Nick Cannon, Sarah Silverman and many more. The show ran for 3 seasons before it’s cancellation in 2007.

You might think that this is enough publicity for one man to last a lifetime, but it doesn’t stop there. Milonakis is also involved in a rap group with none other than Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex). Together they go by Three Loco. Some of their music, such as their hit “Neato” is produced through Diplo‘s very own Mad Decent Record Label.

Honestly, I cannot guarantee what is going to happen at his show on Saturday, February 3rd, but I can tell you for certain, it is going to be a crazy time. Don’t miss out! Grab your tickets here.

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