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Chris Lake Blends Chromeo’s ‘Juice’

Chromeo, the Canadian electric duo’s tune, “Juice,” has a feel to it that is uncommon in electronic music today. The song is slower and has a disco element to it that is found often throughout Chromeo’s discography, giving them their funky-fresh sound. This track was excellent and just when we thought it couldn’t be improved further, Chris Lake threw the “Juice” in a blender and recreated the song in a fruity way.

Chris Lake’s “Juice” calls for two tablespoons of upbeat basslines with a cup of catchy lyrics and just a dash of funk. Blend it together and you have a delicious house track that is sure to please.

Chris Lake is known across the board as one of the biggest House Producers and DJ’s out there. He has only grown since his debut in 2003. Lake joined OWSLA in 2017 and continued to put out hit after hit. Songs like “I Want You” and “Operator” ft. Dances with White Girls were digested into house sets throughout the world.

Lake’s sets are a savory treat that are sure to have crowds dancing Chris Lake will board the Mothership Stage at Phoenix Lights on Sunday, April 8th. Purchase tickets here.

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