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RB Exclusive Interview: Crankdat–Get to Know The Man Cranking On Our Heart Strings

Christian Smith has been cranking out bangers for the last 2 years and has solidified his spot amongst today’s most idolized DJs, all in record time might I add. You know his Re-Crank of Fetty Waps “Trap Queen’ and you’re probably already in love with his latest release, “Icon”, but do you know the man behind the music? I sat down with him to get some of your questions answered and feed your Crankdat ~Crush~


Working chronologically, I started off with throwing it back to the song that assists his blow up on the scene. I asked, “it’s been about two years since you released the Fetty Wap remix that put you on the map; what do you think are some of the major changes your music has gone through?” Simply enough, he replied by saying his music has gone through a lot of changes and then again not so much. With one of his latest “Reasons to Run” he incorporated a lot the same elements that are in the early tracks as an ode to the journey while still implementing new tricks and trades, he’s picked up in the last few years.  Early on I didn’t have the recourses or knowledge to venture into to new genres but now that I do I can blend the past with the present.

Perhaps the most burning question I had was, “how does it feel to go from a fan in the crowd to where you are now?” I got a laugh and moment of pride, he reposed with, “that’s a really good question because it’s always surreal and honestly I’m still a fan I always will be a fan. Kaskade is playing tonight and I’m just as excited to see him as I was back in the day. I’ve been his fan since 2011 and so that aspect of it will probably never change. Also now I’m getting to meet these n DJs and Producers who I’ve looked up to and being able to say I’m friends with them is just surreal. This journey is nothing like anything I would have ever imagined, and I will never take it for granted.”

Diving deeper into some of his early on influences I asked how other DJs have influenced his music today when back in his pre-producing days he was inspired by Skrillex with “Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits.” Needing no time at all to think of his response he replied, “ I will always be inspired and influenced by other’s music from all places. Scary Monsters is definitely that track that I use as a benchmark of how I got started but since I have grown and evolved, just as music in this scene does. For instance, right now I’m really inspired by Marshmello, we’ve been working pretty closely together and sharing our music and things like this definitely influence what I make.”

Everyone knows that the quality or mood of a set is determined within the first couple of minutes, so I had to ask him what is go-to song was to set the mood and get the crowd where he wants them to be. Not surprised at all, he name drops Gammar and his hard-hitting BMP bumping track, ‘The Drop’. Good choice, Crank, good choice.

To wrap up crush convo, we wanted to bring the theme of the festival and ask him who is celebrity crush was. His answer sheds insightful light on the kind of person he is when he replied, “My girlfriend.” And just like that my heart melted. What an answer and what a guy.

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