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RIOT Delivers Crazy Remix of Vini Vici’s ‘The Tribe’

Vini Vici is one of the most well-known duos in the EDM scene with releases like “Anything and Everything,” “Namaste,” and of course, “The Tribe.”  Featuring an iconic vocal riff paired with overwhelmingly satisfying psytrance drops, it was clear that “The Tribe” would be a hard one to top; that is, until RIOT released their remix earlier this week.

The LA-based producer/DJ duo known as RIOT, popular for bass-focused tracks like “Enigma,” “Disorder,” and “Wake Up,” has released yet another impressive remix that is sure to be played at festivals across the world. RIOT took everything great about trap and psytrance and packaged it all into five minutes of pure energy and power.  Starting with a trap beat and some massive rave sounds, this remix doesn’t mess around from the moment you hit play.  After the drop brings the intensity to uncharted territory, the following build-up epitomizes the excitement of festivals as it fakes out the listener before evolving into psytrance for the second drop.  Halfway through the second drop, the style returns to trap, making this one of the most unique and energy-filled remixes that has been released in a while.

While Vini Vici’s “The Tribe” will likely stand the test of time, RIOT’s innovation and signature style that they bring to the table for this remix indubitably give the original track a run for its money.

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