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3 Jaykode Remixes You Can’t Live Without

Joey Khodanian, otherwise known as JayKode, has really made a name for himself. Beginning as a part-time accountant, part-time musician, Jaykode has been churning out bangers since the mid-2000s. When  Skrillex dropped one of his tracks at Coachella 2014, Jaykode dropped the accounting biz and pursued a full-time career in making music. JayKode is now touring and his future bass sound and fun-loving melodies have kept us all captivated ever since.

1. Galantis – Runaway

We all know that Galantis‘ “Runaway” is a classic and it’s played at practically every festival at least ONCE, for good reason. JayKode’s remix is one of the few that compliments the already beautiful song. The piano introduction and chords played throughout really bring out the feels in this track and are the perfect build to the wonderfully alluring future bass drop.

2. Chainsmokers – NYC  

“NYC” is one of my favorite Chainsmoker’s songs, with the stunning vocals from Victoria Zaro mixed with a flavorful melody. JayKode takes this melody to the next level, providing lots of repetitive synths and piano outro.

3.  SNBRN – Gangsta Walk feat. Nate Dogg

With a whopping 1.8M plays on Soundcloud, JayKode’s remix of “Gangsta Walk” is a mixture of a vibey 90’s throwback, combined with the enchanting future bass sound of Jaykode. This track can be played in almost any setting and will always create a fun and spunky mood.

Catch Jaykode throw down with Buku at Monarch on March 31st. You can grab your tickets right here.

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