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5 Essential Crystal Method Tracks

When we talk about the Gods of ’90s club culture, the EDM pantheon isn’t complete without The Crystal Method. As one of the most influential acts to emerge from the L.A. rave scene, they infused classic big beat loops with heavy guitar riffs and hip-hop beats, then garnished it with a healthy dose of funk. Fortunately for us, despite going from duo to solo act, The Crystal Method is still killing it both on stage and in the studio. That being said, here are five essential The Crystal Method tracks that every aficionado of electronic music should know:

5. Busy Child

The Crystal Method – Busy Child

The Crystal Method’s 1997 album Vegas brought us a sound that defined an era and was instrumental in the rave scene’s metamorphosis from subculture to pop culture. Easily one of TCM’s most recognizable songs, you can hear influence from this breakbeat style in contemporary dubstep.

4. Name of the Game

The Crystal Method – “Name of the Game” [Offical Video]

If you’ve only heard one Crystal Method song, it was probably this one. Not only does this track include guitar riffs from Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), but it features scratching from the legendary DJ Swamp.

3. She’s My Pusher

As one of the mellower songs from Vegas, “She’s My Pusher” is a welcome reprieve from the unrelenting big beat tracks it’s sandwiched between. But, don’t get it twisted: “mellow” is a relative concept in terms of Crystal Method tracks, and this song will 100% set the dance floor on fire.

2. Born Too Slow

The Crystal Method – “Born Too Slow” [Official Video]

“Born Too Slow” is a testament to The Crystal Method’s evolution over time. With a bouncy-yet-crunchy guitar riff and uneasy synth set to steady 130 BPM breaks, this track exemplifies TCM’s natural ability to evolve their sound without losing the funky, soulful spirit of their early work. Plus, check out that music video directed by Gore Verbinski, known for his work on The Ring and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

1. Trip Like I Do

A collaboration between The Crystal Method and Filter, “[Can’t You] Trip Like I Do” is actually a rework of “Trip Like I Do” off of TCM’s Vegas album. It was also more or less an anthem for some of the best dark action movies of the late ’90s. (Not only did this song appear in the 1997 film Spawn, but it was also used in one of the trailers for The Matrix.) Simply put, this electronic rock track was made for kicking ass.

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