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Bleep Bloop Drops Funky Glitch Track ‘Hoodlum 500’

Bleep Bloop has been on a spree lately, releasing a slew of destructive bass tracks, and this month’s “Hoodlum 500” is especially wicked. We can only hope that all of these track releases mean a new EP or album for the mysterious artist, but regardless we are obsessing over the twisted, glitchy bass he’s blessing us with. The DJ is as dark and unknown as his music – but one thing we do know is that Bleep Bloop is killing the bass game.

What sets this track apart from Bleep Bloop’s other work is the funky vocals throughout the song. Bleep Bloop makes the voice sound wonky and glitchy to keep you from getting sucked into the black hole created by the bass and alien sounds. The rest of the song is classic Bleep Bloop, with a beginning that sounds like a dysfunctional computer and a drop that vibrates in your cold dead heart.

Bleep Bloop is bringing his experimental dark bass to Tucson! Get your tickets here.

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