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Borgore Teams Up With SVDDEN DEATH for the First of 5 Insane Collabs

The daddy of Dubstep Borgore has just announced the release of 5 collaboration tracks in the works through his label Buygore. The tracks are being released sequentially, and on each track, Borgore will work with a different artist. With the first collaboration, Borgore has teamed up with SVDDEN DEATH to release “Svddengore,” a grimy installation of bass, synths, and utter insanity. This track is not one to be taken lightly, so have your neck braces ready.

SVDDEN DEATH is a newcomer to the world of bass, making his debut in 2017 with an EP through the Never Say Die: Black Label and singles through Buygore. His future in dubstep looks promising with singles that have listeners headbanging.

Seeing what other collabs Borgore has in store is going to be a ride. The Israeli producer and DJ is a staple in the world of dubstep and has already teamed up with some huge names such as G-Eazy and Miley Cyrus to create some insanely popular and catchy songs. Check out this song and keep an eye out for the other 4 anticipated collaborations Borgore has coming out in the following weeks!

Connect With Borgore: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With SVDDEN DEATH: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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