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Crankdat’s New Single is an Instant Classic

Crankdat is more than just a catchy Soulja boy lyric. 21-year-old Christian Smith has been making a dent in the EDM world since his debut in 2015. Making collabs and remixes with artists like Jauz and Gammer, Smith is rightfully getting his chance to be in the spotlight. His trap beats are rapidly gaining attention from artists and fans alike, and his new track “Need Somebody” is no different. The perfect blend of synth and trap beats are destined to be blasted at festivals universally. After his insane set at Crush this year, Arizona has been begging for more music from Smith, and we are so thankful that he delivered.

The Ohio based producer releases banger remixes and singles, which eventually approached over a million plays on Spotify. Turning down a full ride scholarship in order to pursue a career in the EDM industry proved to be a triumphant moment in Smith’s life. While still at such a young point in his career, Crankdat has already received attention from veterans in the industry like Skrillex and The Chainsmokers. We’re eager to see what Crankdat will create next.

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