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Deorro’s Newest Song ‘Offspring’ is Straight Fuego

Do you ever hear a song that made you feel reborn? Well, Deorro’s newest song “Offspring” is a track that makes you feel just that. Not the first release of 2018, he released “Existence” earlier this January. Deorro is known for his progressive/electro house style with songs like “Five More Hours” and “Tell Me Lies.”

Starting off with a smooth buildup that has similar elements of older Deorro songs, like “Five Hours,” the beginning lyrics make their way in the song until the drop around a minute in, which is a real banger. With a beat that will make you want to groove, the song picks up even more at about a minute fifty-three. Reworking the first half of the song into a completely new sequence, the song is even better with this changeup. As the song continues, the drop brings the listener back in once more into a that will have you jumping around until the track ends. With “Offspring” being such a fire track, We can only wait anxiously to hear what else Deorro has in store for 2018!

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