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Getter and Ghostemane Release ‘Dahlia I’

We’re months away from Halloween but ghost sightings have already begun. The report, filed by popular electronic music producer, Getter, claimed sightings of a transparent being with white hair that goes by the name Ghostemane. Overcoming fear, Getter befriended Ghostemane and discovered that the ghost is a fellow music producer. Bringing their musical minds together, Getter lays down bumping dark hip-hop beat creates a perfect roadmap for Ghostemane to spit some supernatural bars over. The result is a three track EP Dahlia I. A short but memorable creation, unlike anything this world has seen before. The EP is sure to have listeners “hacking and slashing” their way to the other side.

Getter has been familiarizing himself with the hip-hop industry throughout his career by releasing his own tracks under the alias Terror Reid and teaming up with some of the industry’s biggest artists to provide beats. Popular rap duo $uicideboy$ teamed up with the Californian producer in 2016 to produce Radical Suicide, a five track EP that highlights the growing “Horrorcore” genre. As Terror Reid, Getter has released numerous singles that combine tantalizing beats and deathly lyrics. The 24-year-old is pioneering the future of trap music by merging the two genres and bringing new fans from both sides together.

Getter recently showed Arizona what he’s made of at Crush with a killer set. Every time the Californian comes out for a visit, rails are broken, and necks are put into a brace. I am excited to see what Getter has in store for us next.

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