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MELVV Releases New Single ‘Anything Else’

After amassing millions of streams on SoundCloud and Spotify, creating a plethora of viral remixes, and playing massive festivals like Coachella, Jeffrey Melvin is only at the front of his career. Better known by his alias MELVV, the Milwaukee native has cultivated a signature style over the years that capitalizes on good vibes and happy sounds. Making his major-label debut with the release of his latest single, it seems that the hard work of the dedicated college dropout is finally paying off, and rightly so.

Released via Atlantic Records, MELVV’s “Anything Else” is a playful track that features the vocals of Asa Taccone of Electric Guest along with stellar percussion and a clever musical arrangement.  Filled with organic sounds, “Anything Else” is a refreshing departure from the digital synths and supersaws that many electronic music fans have become accustomed to.  Just before the third chorus, MELVV sensibly throws in a lovely isolated vocal that effortlessly captivates the listener’s attention before the catchy vocal hook refrains a third and final time. Accompanied by indie rock and jazz elements, the record is one of those songs that makes you tap your feet without realizing it.

You can catch MELVV at Phoenix Lights this April. Get your tickets and other info here.

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