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Trance Meets Bass? 3 Seven Lions Tracks That Prove He Can Do It All!

Trance and dubstep fans don’t have that much in common. Yes, there are some well-rounded music fans out there who cherish both genres, but often there are bass-heads on one end of the spectrum and dreamy trance fans on the other. How can you please both types of music lovers on one stage? The answer is Seven Lions.

Jeff Montalvo, better known by his stage name Seven Lions, is one of those magical producers who can create music that is appealing to a variety of people. His trance roots come from an old Tiesto CD that he was given before he started producing, and from there he has transcended all expectations and genre barriers. His live sets are cosmic blends of heavy and heart-stopping, but his tracks serve to demonstrate how beautifully Seven Lions is able to marry heavy bass and euphoric trance. Here are three perfect examples of his heavenly abilities.

3. Cold Hearted

This collab with Kill the Noise is perfect for simultaneous vibing and headbanging. It starts out with trance notes to get you feeling good and dancing and then it drops into some melodic dubstep. You can definitely hear Kill the Noise’s influence in the twisted way the bass hits after the drop.

2. Beautiful

Seven Lions remixes this trance heavy track by Ferry Corsten and gives it some bass! This track isn’t quite dubstep because he’s caught you in a trance to keep you from headbanging. It’s ethereal, it’s spell-binding, but it’s different than plain trance because of the buildups and bass drops that Seven Lions adds.

1. Silent Skies

The synths and entrancing voice of singer Karra immediately pull you into this original track by Seven Lions. It keeps the serenity of trance while giving it dimension with the melody of the bass. It’s a typical feel-good track to send chills up your spine.

Seven Lions is bringing the magic to Phoenix Lights this year! Snap out of your trance and get your tickets here.

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