Relentless Beats

T’was the Night Before Phoenix Lights

T’was the night before Phoenix Lights and all through the house

Not a raver was sleeping, not even a deadmau5

The Kandi was hung by the door with care

In hopes of trades that would soon be there


The ravers were pre-gaming, far from their beds

While dreams of light shows danced in their heads

Rave mom in her bandana and me in my mask

Had just headbanged to a filthy Arius track


When out on the patio there rose some chatter

I sprang from the dancefloor to see what’s the matter

Peeking through the window I saw a flash

Flipped on my friends we wanted to dash


A ship in the sky with the brightest glow

Sent down their lights we did not want to forgo

When what to my curious eyes did appear

But some Atliens and their crew armed with space gear


Was ready to flee until peace was proclaimed

An invitation to a show was being arranged

An alien named Diplo warned of good times

With loud music and thumping from artists in their primes


More rapid than the freeway the artists they came

And Diplo hollered and called them by name

“Now Kasbo, now Wuki now Krane now Gucci Mane!

On, Soulection, on Grammatik, on Bear Grillz!” he exclaimed


“To the main stage where we will power our mothership

Now play away your turntables it’s sure to be a hit”

My friends and I could not believe what just occurred

A festival with friends and family we became lured


When they were met with an obstacle they stayed and obliged

The festival will occur no matter rain or shine

With a ship full of tracks and a Zomboy too

Great vibes over two days I couldn’t be blue.


Fog Machines, lasers, and four insane stages

I haven’t heard of anything this lit in all of my ages

Diplo smiled and returned to the sky

I’ll see you on April 7th  and 8th no need to cry

“Happy Phoenix Lights and to all a Great Time”


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