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Yellow Claw are Heroes for Their New Release ‘Villain’

My first experience with Yellow Claw was their classic track “Do You Like Bass?” It was fun and bass-heavy and left quite the impression on me. Their new single continues to impress and proves their diversity in sound. They are capable of getting you in your feels AND getting you hyped for the bass drop. Check it out below.

The Amsterdam duo, composed of Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis, has completely veered from their usual style to give us an emotive, blissful single. “Villain” is a breakup song from the perspective of the heartbreaker, with lyrics like “I caught you in my silver tongue you thought that we’d be something good.” “Villain” is also singer Valentina‘s debut, and this song would not be as bittersweet without her voice harmonizing with the high-pitched synths and low-key drums. There is a balance between sorrow and etherealism in this track, so the emotions are never single-dimensional. Future audiences might expect to go from raging hard to trap and hardstyle, to suddenly ugly crying and singing along to lyrics “I’m sorry.”

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