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Relentless Beat of the Week: Carnage – ‘Waterworld’ feat. Migos

DJ Carnage’s latest album dropped last month and it is jam-packed full of unexpected-styled bangers. Battered Bruised & Bloody leans aggressively away from EDM and dives into the world of subdued hip/hop ballads (well most of it at least). We are feeling this low-end vibe and the closing track, “Waterworld,” masterfully showcases Carnage’s ability to excel a new style.

Opening with a simple piano intro and building into an ever so elegant 808 drum kick beat, this one pulls Papi Gordo out of the trap. With Migos on the feature and Carnage tapping into a softer side of things, “Waterworld” is the peak point of his album and why it’s today’s Relentless Beat of the Week. Check it out below.

What better way to enjoy “Waterworld” than in Talking Stick’s Release Pool Party? Come out on June 2nd and soak up Carnage’s latest album. Get tickets here.

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