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AHEE Brings the ‘Action’ to Bass House

Chris Adams, better known by his stage name AHEE and part of the livetronica duo Heartwurkz, is an LA-based producer who knows how to perfectly marry two completely different genres of electronic music. All of his tracks are upbeat and light, so he definitely knows how to throw a crazy hype live set. Adams recently came into the music scene, only taking off in 2016 with several releases and remixes. While most new producers might stick to what’s popular and what they know will work, AHEE has obviously proved that with risk comes reward by exploring the highest form of energy in bass music and delivering some truly funky beats. His most recent single “Action” is a perfect example of what he can bring.

AHEE classifies this track as bass house, which is clearly evident in the bounciness and noteworthy bass, but I see more fluidity and more ‘action’ in here. The bass is not as heavy here as you might expect in a typical bass house track, with a greater focus on electronic and futuristic synths to add dimension. It’s reminiscent of future house in the eclectic vibe that inevitably emits through the tempo, high-pitched vocals, and overall bubbliness that is neither only future house nor bass house. While this type of music might be unexpected to some listeners, it’s nothing I wouldn’t expect from a talented producer like AHEE.

AHEE was originally inspired to play at festivals like Lucidity and Lightning in a Bottle, and now he’s reaching those dreams that started his career in the first place.

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