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Josh Pan Debuts on Diplo and Friends

Josh Pan is an NY producer quickly on the rise for his eclectic and originally divine musical taste. He’s been gaining recognition from equally talented producers such as Whethan and Habstrakt, and 2018 has already been a stacked year for him with five new singles being released. Pan’s style might be relatively foreign to many, so how is one to immerse themselves in his original style completely? Pan recently debuted his sound on Diplo and Friends with an hour long mix.

Pan’s mix, performed on an infamous platform for artists to showcase their talent hosted by Diplo, consists only of Josh Pan originals, remixes, and features. Pan wrote on his Soundcloud, “This is my Diplo and Friends mix that went up last week. Tried something a bit different and decided to bring you guys completely into my world for an hour. Enjoy.” What a world it is. The mix is idiosyncratic and chill, slipping easily between downtempo tracks and upbeat, high energy vibes. Pan was wise to use his hour on Diplo and Friends to put forward his music only. There’s no doubt that Josh Pan will gain more popularity and attract other potential partners in production. Keep an eye on this one, folks.

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