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Josh Pan Gives a ‘World Within’ via OWSLA

If you didn’t already know, Josh Pan is on a level of his own when it comes to making music. He follows few rules, making for some seriously innovative music. He finally brings us The World Within, a mesmerizing 4 track EP via OWSLA, which proves to be his best work thus far. Sit back and relax, because these songs will take you through an emotional journey.

During his SoundCloud reign, the extremely talented producer and sound designer has put out a diverse collection of material. The most recent project extends beyond the realm of your typical hype music, making use of his unique vocals, crystal clear drums, and soothing keys across the board to bring his most radiant music yet. “Undefeated” is rejuvenating, highlighting bouncy piano and beautiful vocals, while “Take your time” and “Overdue” will hit you right in the heart. “Windows 17” steals the show at the end of the EP with addicting guitar and a sick signature drop to round out an overall outstanding OWSLA release

What has always separated Josh Pan from the vast ocean of producers is his ability to channel raw feeling, using his own sounds and a specific style to communicate what he wants the world to see; the way he sees it. Often compared to Kanye West and Diplo, this creative mind knows music, and with so many styles under his belt, who knows what he could do next.

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Photo: Julian Cassady

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