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Moon Boot’s ‘First Landing (Live Sessions)’ is Out of This World

Get on your space suit and get ready to blast off. Moon Boots is back with an out-of-this-world EP like no other. First Landing (Live Sessions) is the artists newest creation and it will take you to another dimension. Moon Boots has reimagined three of his newest songs “Power,” “Keep the Faith,” and “Fortune Teller” in a melodic and vibey way. In First Landing (Live Sessions), Moon Boots performs the original tunes live with less autotune and synths, bringing out the raw emotion in a vibrant and groovy way. Check it out below.

The track “Power” is simplified from the original in First Landing (Live Sessions). The main bass line and a ton of extra synths are stripped out of the song, helping to accommodate all types of listeners. Creating this EP was a genius move from Moon Boots; by recording these tracks live and taking out a lot of the electronic elements from the songs, he appeals to a broader audience. Live Sessions is a refreshing example of what is capable when an artist isn’t afraid to experiment with their music.

When Moon Boots hits the stage, he has one goal in mind: to give listeners the best night of their lives. Check out First Landing (Live Sessions), and make sure to catch Moon Boots at Goldrush this September. Purchase tickets here!

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