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Spin it Back Saturday: Gammer – ‘We Killed The Rave’

UK DJ and producer Matt Lee, better known as Gammer, has become a heavy hitter in the Hardcore realm since his arrival to the scene way back in 2002. He’s acquired an extensive discography on the Essential Platinum label (one of the longest running hardcore labels to date) as well as on his own label, Muffin Music, which he launched back in 2007. You may know him as a frequent collaborator with Kayzo or Dougal, but this Hardcore king has made quite a name for himself as a standalone artist.

This week’s Spin It Back Saturday spins it all the way back to 2012 with Gammer’s “We Killed the Rave,” featuring Whizzkid. Take a listen below.

As one of the leaders of the Hardcore sub-genre, Gammer has stayed true to his roots throughout his musical career, while simultaneously displaying versatility.  Tapping into everything from Freeform to Gabba, Gammer has all his bases covered. He’s stamped his individuality on every sub-genre within the hardcore scene, while always providing a fresh, innovative twist.

If you want to hear more from Gammer, you can catch him at the Monarch Theater on Saturday, June 23. Grab your tickets here.

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