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Spin it Back Saturday: Krewella – ‘Life of the Party’

Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf are the talented sisters who make up Krewella. They came onto the scene in the mid-2000’s, putting out their first extended plays in 2012. From there the traction picked up and tracks like “Live for the Night” and “Alive” topped charts, taking their fame to all over the world. In this year alone they’ve put out 4 new tracks that have the krewmmunity going wild. We love their new stuff, but today we’re taking a stroll memory lane with Krewella for our Spin it Back Saturday.

A classic in the Krewlla portfolio, Krewella’s 2011 hit, “Life of The Party” is one of those tracks that brings nostalgia to the surface. Whether you were die-hard EDM head and beloved the song for its production genius or you just vibed with the party-focused explicit lyrics, this track was one everyone could get on board with. Check it out below.

Speaking of parties, catch Krewlla at the Talking Stick Release Pool Party on July 14th, grab your tickets now!

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