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Spin it Back Saturday: Gabriel & Dresden – ‘Let Go’

Gabriel & Dresden, known respectively as Josh & Dave to their friends, have been a harmonizing yin to the other’s yang since they first met on a Miami rooftop in 2001. As their sound progressed, the dreamy duo filled in the creative spaces in their music, infusing beauty in the sound design and pop rhythms the beats until united they rose to the top. They’ve always danced to the beat of their own design and never to what’s popular in EDM, which has cultivated a timeless feel in all of their music. This stands true for every one of their tracks, including the song “Let Go” from five years ago. Listen below as we Spin it Back.

“Let Go” blooms with a hypnotic, veering on psychedelic beginning which pools into emotionally full vocals from Molly. It sprouts from an organic blend of techno tempo and pop influences but in Gabriel & Dresden fashion strays from the typical with Molly’s alternative-indie vocal style. From early on like this track and still today, the two have remained dynamic with the multitude of genres they compliment with their fluid style.

Gabriel & Dresden have the techno and trance cure with their Remedy Album Tour, which stops at none other than Shady Park on May 30th. Get your tickets here.

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