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Watch it Wednesday: Krewella- ‘Runaway’

The Yousaf sisters who make up Krewella are back in action with a feisty new track and fictional music video to match. “Runaway”, the duos 4th song of the year, is an electro pop-styled stomper that will make you want to run(away) to the dancefloor. Released just in time to be our Watch it Wednesday, Krewlla shared their ultra-gamer music video for “Runaway.” Check it out below.

         Krewella – Runaway (Official Music Video)

Here we have Yasmine and Jahan quit literally running away from demon-like characters. This alternate-dimension-video -game setting gives suspension and energy to the already vigorous song. The interesting element of this song and music video is that juxtaposition between the lyrics and visuals. The song seemingly speaks on Krewella’s lavish lifestyle of EDM stars in a way that makes it sound overwhelming and they want to “runaway” at times. So who does the demon in the video represent, stress, haters, money? That’s for them to know and you to decide. We all want to run away from something, even when your electric superstars.

We might not know what they’re running from, but we know where they’re running to. Catch Krewlla at the Talking Stick Release Pool Party on July 14th, grab your tickets now!

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