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Coyu and Green Velvet Team Up On ‘The Last Generation’

Two industry heavy-weights have just teamed up to create techno perfection. Coyu, head of the esteemed label Suara Music, and Green Velvet, an undeniable talent with a long list of accomplishments, recently dropped “The Last Generation.” Featuring GV’s vocals, hungry basslines, a hypnotic vocal hook and an acid house flair, the track pays ode to way of understanding music and the purity of Chicago’s techno music. Check it out below.

The track, like the image and the collaboration, is captivating. It’s a raw, infectious, dancefloor burner. “Raw techno is the way I have to express my passion for ‘90s techno and house sounds,” Coyu told Insomniac. “Honest, deep, loopy, and good-time music with a muscled rhythm section.”

“The Last Generation” is the second installment in Coyu’s Raw Tracks series, a series he intended to be “a tribute to that way of understanding music, deeply rooted in the purity of Chicago’s techno music.” Teaming up with Chicago legend Green Velvet makes perfect sense.

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