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DJ to Watch: Boogie T

Brock Thornton, Better known as Boogie T, grew up inLafayette, Louisiana and has been a musician throughout most of his life. He started playing the piano when he was six, guitar when he was eight, and by the time he was fourteen, Thornton was teaching guitar lessons. Thornton would play blues guitar at local events and bars with other people in his younger years. 

Thornton’s grandmother bought him his first recording program when he was eleven, the Sony Acid 5. He started producing on that as well as recording acoustic guitar and vocals. I don’t think many producers today can ode their music careers to their grannies-that’s pretty cool. 

Many are curious how the name Boogie T came to be. Thornton got the name “Boogie B” from a variation of an old nickname. His mother would call him “Boogie B” but by the time he was in high school his peers would change it to “Boogie T.” Who knew good come from high school.

Today, Boogie T can be found at festivals around the world sharing his special sauce of dubstep and riddim. You can’t walk past a bass stage without catching one of his top hits like “Hit ‘Em”, “Life’s A Bitch”, “Boogie Nights”, “Ain’t Safe” and “Flava.”

For someone who has still deemed a rising star, he has some A1 collabs. Past projects have seen him working with Ganja White Night Subtronics MONXX  and many more.

His resume shines, there’s no doubt about that but the reason why we think Boogie T is a DJ to watch is due to something more, audible. Boogie T is out here making music that is playful, passionate, and come October 20th it’ll be the soundtrack to a spook-filled night. Come out for Boo AZ and catch Boogie T along with Kayzo, Habstrakt, 1788-L and many more. Grab your tickets here.

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