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FuntCase and Wooli Combine for ‘Man Don’t Want War’

FuntCase’s forthcoming DPMO Vol. 2 holds another vicious anthem, this time with east coast bass sensation Wooli and East London MC Clipson. DPMO Vol. 1 was an inferno of headbangers, and Vol. 2 is just as scorching, including loads of hot names in trap, dubstep, and grime out on Circus Records.

The song is brought in with a lengthy but dense and pleasing beat featuring Clipson, before classically dropping into a growl-heavy bass pleaser. Wooli has been tearing up the electronic music scene, gaining support from Excision, KAYZO, Snails and many more and sharing bus tours across North America with Bear Grillz and others. While DPMO Vol. 2 has a deep 22 track list, the hip-hop side to “Man No Want War” sets it aside from the majority, giving it a distinct trap/rap taste surely to be played out by many solid artists in the coming months. Both of these talented producer/DJ’s are on the rise, and we hope they keep pumping out hits like this as they head into 2019. Learn more about FuntCase and Wooli by checking out previous interviews with Relentless Beats below!


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