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4 Spotify EDM Playlists You Need to Follow

Spotify has become the king platform for listening to music. Not only does it offer an insane student discount that comes with Hulu and Showtime, but it also gives friends an outlet to share music and playlists with the people close to them. Another other great part of Spotify? Their playlists. They have curated thousands of playlists across every genre and mood imaginable. Most of these playlists are constantly updated and always have something fresh to listen to, from some of the biggest names in the industry to people who made finely-crafted music in their bedrooms. They have thousands of dance music playlists to explore. To help you start your journey into the deep underbelly of Spotify, here are 4 playlists you need to follow!

Genre Glitch

This playlist is all over the place but for a good reason. It’s comprised of tracks that are too translucent to be classified by any genre at all. Each track sounds completely indescribable and takes listeners in different directions. While some songs are more chill and vibrant, others are full of experimental bass and melodic chimes.

 Dubstep Don

Bassheads, this one is for you. This playlist is everything heavy and wonky packaged together. The best part, this playlist is updated constantly, making it a great way to discover music from artists both old and new.

 Lowkey Riddim

Alright, house heads you can come out of hiding for this one. I know the word “riddim” might be an instant turn off to some, but this playlist is far from heavy. Lowkey Riddim is packed with chill electronic and techno from artists both big and small. This is a perfect kickback and relax playlist.


Ok, I have a bias towards emo music because I lived off the stuff all throughout high school and community college. This playlist takes some of the best emo electronic songs and puts them beside killer remixes from bands like Falling in Reverse and Blink 182.  There’s even some tracks from when Breathe Carolina was still an electronic-emo band. Overall, this playlist is a really good time, there’s so much diversity in the tracks and it’s a nice throwback.

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