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‘Breathe’ in Camelphat and Cristoph’s Collab

House heroes Cristoph and Camelphat have been putting their talents to work, acting as support for Eric Prydz‘s summer Ibiza shows. Now, it only seems right that the artists should shine together on a collaboration that seemed destined to happen. “Breathe” has a wistful and powerful vibe that will have you rushing to the dance floor and feeling your emotions. ‘Breathe’ in all the house vibes below.

The track starts with the soulful and nearly whimsical voice of Jem Cooke over soothing instrumentals which then swoops the listener off with a smooth, deep and almost futuristic bass. Camelphat and Cristoph maintain a delicate balance between bringing it back to the simple vocals and instrumentals and going back into the bassline that steals the listener into a trance. It’s a lovely mix of gentle musicality and dance music energy – a combination that Camelphat and Cristoph make effortlessly.

Breathe in the new year with Cristoph at Decadence this year and hopefully, he’ll play this track! Get your tickets here.

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Connect with Cristoph: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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