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John Digweed: A Long Time Legend

John Digweed has been in the scene longer than many of his new fans have been alive. Born in 1967 in Hastings, United Kingdom, John has been DJing, writing, and producing music since he was only 13 years old. He gained fame and notoriety in the mid-90s, after he gained a residency at a popular club in NYC, and was the first British DJ to do so. He then was voted #1 in a voter’s poll by DJ magazine in 2001.

Sasha and John Digweed – Live @ Fabric (London) – NYE 2001

John has his hands in many things. He began his label, Bedrock Records, in 1999 and has produced music for legendary artists like Astro & Glyde, Steve Porter, and The Japanese Popstars. John’s style can be described as techno, progressive house, house, etc but he definitely plays more to what people would call progressive and technical.

Another one of John’s most memorable career moments WAS his ‘Delta Heavy’ tour 0f 2002, where he, Sasha, and their protégé Jimmy Van M toured the US and sold tickets to electronic, rock-like shows in arenas versus underground clubs, which is where the electronic scene had laid for many years. This was a first of that kind in the states and it can be argued that it changed the way electronic artists performed.

Without a doubt, John Digweed is a legend and should be treated as such. He will be performing at Shady Park Friday, November 16th. This is a show for the people that want to see a technical set performed by a wonderful, talented artist. You can buy tickets here.

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