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How Attending Crush AZ Can Improve Your Health & Relationships

If you’ve checked a calendar recently you may have noticed an important date is less than a month away. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day of course! The day that comes year after year to sweep you off your feet or send you into a frenzied rush to impress your significant other. This year you don’t need to worry about making plans. Find out below why Crush AZ is the perfect place to take your special someone.


Crush features some of electronic dance music’s most popular artists such as Seven Lions, SLANDER, Joyryde, Alesso, and 3LAU. Music is a powerful force and can create long-lasting bonds between people. Research has shown that music helps release dopamine in the brain which invokes happy feelings of pleasure. Share this feeling with your special someone this Valentine’s Day weekend!

We’ve got the music covered, but what goes better with music than dancing? Dancing is a form of self-expression that anyone can partake in no matter how developed their skills are. The physical and mental benefits of dancing are enormous. Dancing can lead to improved brain function and strengthen neural connections when coordinating movement with a beat. Dancing in a social setting reduces stress and helps build confidence when connecting with others. Having a dance partner is a great way to get more comfortable with your dance style and have fun.

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The 10th Anniversary of Crush its shaping up to be one of the most extraordinary shows in Arizona. This is a unique gift that can’t be replicated. Instead of deciding between material objects or a traditional date, take your plus one on a musical adventure that they won’t forget.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship, Crush is a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend with the thousands of other attendees celebrating affection and happiness. Love will be in the air and you might just find next year’s Valentine in the crowd.

Crush AZ takes place February 15th & 16th at Rawhide Event Center. A couple’s pack ticket deal will be available through Sunday, January 27th! If you’re feeling the love make sure you grab your Crush AZ 2019 tickets here.

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