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Virtual Riot Drops Sad Remix of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’

Virtual Riot‘s music is up there as some of the most neck-breaking, relentlessly filthy dubstep. However, Christian Valentin Brunn is not a one-trick pony like so many dub artists tragically are; for Christmas, the German producer gifted us with something completely and delightfully unexpected. Instead of heavy-hitting bass, Virtual Riot delivered soothing, feel-good vibes in the form of his “sad remix” of Zedd‘s classic hit “Clarity.”

What makes Virtual Riot’s remix so impressive is that it’s even lighter than the Zedd original. Rather than taking the obvious approach of adding more bass to the original track, VR plays with his own talent and the essence of the song to let something magical blossom. It begins with an ethereal, gentle intro that’s reminiscent of Minecraft’s ambient music because of its delicate energy. With a rhythmic beat and the same soulful vocals, VR builds his remix into a melodic dubstep drop that really ends “Clarity” nicely. We really hope that 2019 will contain more whimsical “sad” music like this from Virtual Riot!

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