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Watch it Wednesday: Tiësto – ‘Grapevine’

This week we ask ourselves the question: can Tiësto drop anything that’s not fire? “Grapevine” is the latest masterpiece from the Dutch DJ and producer, and as always, it’s packed with an over-the-top melody and an innovative bassline. To follow-up the massive success of “Grapevine,” Tiësto just dropped a music video for the track. The music video is comprised of dozens of different clips of people dancing, surfing, running, and everything in between. Think of the video as less of a music video and more of a vibrant visual collage showcasing human capability. The music video for “Grapevine” really goes the extra mile during the drop. When the bass drop hits, all the clips are rewinded, undoing all the different feats accomplished by the actors in the video.

The creativity and captivating nature of the video is why we are making it this week’s Watch it Wednesday.

Tiësto – Grapevine (Official Music Video)

There’s no denying that Tiësto is one of the leading forces in helping the electronic industry become the massive empire it is today. Tiësto started making music in 1994, which is longer than most festival-attendees (myself included) have been alive. In the two and a half decades he’s been making music, he’s founded two different record labels, headlined the largest festivals all over the world, snagged himself a residency at one of the most luxurious nightclubs in Las Vegas, and has won countless awards. Even from his early techno days, Tiësto has been a force to be reckoned with, and it’s incredible to see how much he’s grown and conquered as an artist.

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