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BIJOU & Dr. Fresch Launch ‘Gangsta Party’ EP on DND Records

G-House kings Bijou and Dr. Fresch have combined their creative talents for years now with huge hits like “Hello” and “Revelation.” This time they fire off a hot two-track Gangsta Party EP on Bijou’s newly announced Do Not Duplicate Recordings, proving once again that these guys have absolutely taken over the sub-genre.

The project is everything it is supposed to be, with bumping basslines and perfectly placed hip-hop vocals to ring in 2 different, but fitting pieces. “Kung Fu” enters first with grime and acid like synths, before dropping off into the unique G-House sound fans are accustomed to. It also includes a mean hip-hop beat for a second verse, with bigtime 808’s to add a break from the catchy melody which is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.  “Too Cocky” distinguishes itself from the opening track with its nasty lead basses, while still maintaining vocals of extreme quality, purposefully giving the EP its nice dark charisma.

Dr. Fresch views this release as a “huge landmark” in the friendship between the two producers, who have been crafting the genre since 2013. The two have come a long way, taking stages countless times together and curating a face for a sound that has clubs and venues tossing their music on repeat. This forward-thinking project is also a beautiful platform for Bijou to build his new Label with, and will most likely be the future home for some ground-breaking tracks to come in 2019. Stay up to date with these producers as they continue to pave their own way and keep the party bumping!

Catch Dr. Fresch with Gerry Gonza on February 22nd. Grab tickets here.

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