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Getter Gets Weird on ‘Ham Sandwich’

A little weirdness can sometimes work out in your favor. For San Jose producer Getter, a hint of weird has propelled his entire career. From the “Suh dude” days, all the way up until his latest release, Getter has been doing things his way, and quite frankly doesn’t seem to care about outside opinions. This refreshing outlook has given us a compiling list of absolute bangers, headlined by his 2018 Visceral album, which completely transformed how the EDM world looks at Getter’s talents. His most recent drop, “Ham Sandwich,” shys away from the personal themes of his latest album, and leans towards his unmistakable trap roots. The tune illustrates his attention to detail, with sound arrangement shining through. Although it’s a pretty cut and dry trap beat, Getter’s touch is quite obvious. You can listen for yourself below. 

It’s nice to finally hear some new tunes from the OWSLA team member, and as usual he doesn’t disappoint. Whether he’s putting us deep into the feels on his most recent album, or getting a bit wonky and weird with this newest trap piece, Getter has proven time and time again that he can do it all. In a world where the longing for public acceptance seems to be at an all time high, it’s good to see producers like Getter pushing the boundaries and creating music that is original and unique. If you want to catch the man in his element, you can see him on his Visceral Live Tour in Flagstaff at The Orpheum Theater on Thursday, March 7. This will be a show you won’t want to miss, and we got your tickets here.

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