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How to Prepare Your Soul for a Rezz Show

So, the night is finally approaching. You’ve done your waiting, and now it’s almost time to see your space mom, Rezz, live. Whether your soul’s a virgin to her dark space bass or it’s been snatched before, you’ll need to prepare it for what you’re about to experience.

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In the time leading up to her show, it’s a good idea to stop watching videos of previous Rezz sets. Diehard Rezz fans always force themselves not to click on any Rezz videos that might pop up on their feeds so that when they finally do see her live it’s that much sweeter of a surprise. Think of it almost like not eating all day on Thanksgiving before dinner so that you enjoy your turkey and stuffing even more.

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Loosen your limbs up for some serious alien-tentacle dancing. A lot of Rezz’s music is midtempo, and some new listeners aren’t quite sure how to dance to that. If you’re feeling lost, just channel your inner alien and sway along with the wubs. Pro tip: Isabelle is the queen of dancing to her own music, so you can always mirror her little dance moves by watching her on stage (warning: she’s so cute it’s mesmerizing.)

Prepare for hypnosis. Rezz’s infamous visuals and lighting guys, Cam and Alex, are part of the masterminds behind the big screen. Visuals of hands stretching out from the screen, ghosts, an eyeball with tentacles swirling around, and a spider web that projects out with lasers all amplify the spookiness of Rezz’s music by a LOT.

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Ready your soul for abduction. Rezz’s music has a way of transcending traditional musicality and instead becoming a mind, body, soul experience that will leave you utterly captivated for the entirety of her set (and maybe even after that). If all of this calls to your soul, make sure you’re at Rawhide Event Center on March 8 and get your tickets now.

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