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Galantis Puts a New Spin on Kygo’s ‘Think About You’

The guys in Galantis deserve crowns, as they are the absolute kings of making us feel something with their music. Whether it be their own originals or remixing another artist’s song to fit their signature sound, the Swedish DJ duo always delivers. This time around the duo has taken on the latter, as they have remixed Kygo and Valerie Broussard’s smash hit “Think About You” and have molded an already incredible song into a jubilant summer anthem. Broussard’s vocals are the focal point of this one, as her soothing voice over simple guitar strings really gives the song a summer feel. The powerful vocal and instrumental buildup work together as seamlessly as the original but lead into a trademark Galantis drop that is sure to be included in their live performances. You can listen to “Think About You” below.

“Think About You” in its originality is already an incredible song. Adding consistent hit makers Galantis to the mix just sends it over the top. It’s the perfect tune to roll down the windows and cruise to. If there’s one thing I know for certain it is that the Earth is round and Galantis will always deliver something that makes you smile, or dance, or both!

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