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Low Steppa Helps to ‘Lift Me Up’

Low Steppa just dropped a new track that is sure to light up the dancefloor. “Lift Me Up” is a pleasurable track that walks the line between mind-melting trance and playful 4 x 4 house. The vocals on “Lift Me Up” are subtle and scattered pretty far apart from one another, making each vocal special and appreciated. I can totally see this track bringing some house-heads to their knees if played in a live setting.

Low Steppa specializes in infusing a funky combination of feel-good beats and dirty tones to all the work he produces. His music fuses piano nodes, brass instruments, high-energy synths, and dirty bass into one beautiful work out art. Whenever he shows up to an event, attendees can expect to be blessed with an overwhelming sense of euphoria.

Low Steppa is bringing his wonky beats to Shady Park on June 8th. Grab tickets here.

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