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Steve Aoki Embraces Alok’s Funky Brazilian Bass on ‘Do it Again’

Steve Aoki and Alok are putting the dance back into electronic dance music with their newest big room-house collaboration “Do it Again”. Steve Aoki is known for producing some of the most unique and genre-bending collaborations and “Do it Again” is a great example of this musical evolution. Alok, best known for his hit song, “Hear Me Now”, adds, what he calls, Brazilian bass to Steve Aoki’s electro house/ trap roots and the result is a pretty unique sounding track. The track is a remix of the Chemical Brother’s hit song of the same name and pays homage to the electronic duo that vastly popularized electronic music.

Do It Again

Steve Aoki is constantly pushing musical boundaries and doesn’t limit himself to any particular genre. He’s worked with K-Pop group, BTS, pop punk groups such as Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy, pop icons Louis Tomlinson and Cardi B, and even the Israeli progressive-psytrance trio, Vini Vici. “Do it Again” doesn’t fall into a genre and the only way to really describe the track is by breaking down the different elements that make it so unique. The repetition of the vocals along with the unusual, almost trance like lyrics make the track seem as if it were your typical dance-house anthem. I wasn’t sure where Steve Aoki and Alok were going with the track at first, but as soon as the drop hits, it begins to make sense. The drop is full of everything Steve Aoki does best. His catchy melodies and colorful bass go well with Alok’s predominately house-inspired style.

If this track makes you wanna run to the dance floor, I have some good news for you: Steve Aoki will be performing live at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale at the Memorial Day Release Pool Party with Lost Kings. The party is May 26 and tickets are available here.


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