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Pouya Delivers 15 Track Album ‘The South Got Something To Say’

Miami based rapper Pouya has been bringing underground rap into the mainstream since 2011 and his sound and style has only gotten better. Pouya’s metal and punk influences in rap have attracted fans from across the world and this month he’s given us quite possibly his best album yet in The South Got Something to Say. The album, which is named after a famous Andre 3000 quote, really showcases Pouya’s versatility as a rapper and features artists such as City Morgue, Ghostemane, and Juicy J. From metal-rap to indie rock, each song is unique, yet fits well with the album as a whole. 

The South Got Something to Say starts with a relatively new style from Pouya. The song, “Crusin in the MIA” is a groovy, upbeat track with a slightly pop-appeal and is a great way to introduce this unique album. The next song, “I’m Alive” quickly changes the cheerful, easygoing vibe into one of Pouya’s more traditional styled tracks. The emotionally heavy lyrics and soft piano make for a truly beautiful song with vocals that only Pouya could pull off. Songs such as “When Will I See You?” and “Talk to me Before I Die” follow a similar, dark, melancholy mood and each one is full of iconic lyrics. “Superman is Dead” is one of the most popular songs from The South Got Something to Say and for a good reason too. The song is an indie-rock/ rap fusion that works surprisingly well together. If you’re a fan of Pouya’s heavier rap, you’ll want to listen to “BULLETPROOF SHOWER CAP” featuring City Morgue, ZillaKami, and SosMula and “Cyanide” featuring Ghostemane. We already know that Pouya and Ghostemane make a killer team and Ghostemane’s metal-rap aesthetic brings a dark side to the album. The South Got Something to Say is full of various styles that come together to form a coherent and mature album

If you enjoyed Pouya’s latest album, you won’t want to miss him at Goldrush Festival on September 27th and 28th at Rawhide Western Town. Tickets are available here.

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