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Yung Pinch Releases Rap-Rock Single ‘Perfect’

When Blake Sandoval was in middle school, he began teaching himself how to rap freestyle. In high school, he was introduced to music production and spent his free time producing his own songs. Today, Blake Sandoval goes by the name Yung Pinch and has over 150 billion listens on Spotify. There’s a reason why Yung Pinch has done so well and it’s because he’s truly an innovative rapper. His songwriting in tracks like “Nightmares” featuring Lil Skies and “20 Years Later” is unconventional and pretty incredible at only 22 years old. His rap-rock fusion is a product of his home town, Huntingtown Beach, California, and he brings the subtle surfer-rock energy to his music. We’ve been waiting for his next release for a while and luckily he’s delivered with his newest song, “Perfect,” that really embraces everything we love about this young rapper. 

The beginning of “Perfect” starts with a poignant piano and guitar melody with Yung Pinch’s unique vocals slowly rising to the front of the song. Throughout “Perfect” the subtle rawness in his voice adds to Yung Pinch’s honest underground rap aesthetic. Yung Pinch’s lyrics are clever and catchy and with the addition of the background instrumentals, the song never loses the listener’s attention. “Perfect” really is a quintessential alternative summer love anthem and Yung Pinch has proven himself, yet again, to be a talented and multi-dimensional artist.

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