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Don Diablo Revamps David Guetta & Martin Solveig’s ‘Thing For You’

Enjoying the end of summer vibes? Dutch DJ Don Diablo has got the perfect remix to cool your senses and lead you on a musical journey into the horizon. Whether the sun’s warm rays are out and still casting their scorching beauty on the land, or the night has come and the stars are out to play, this new mix delivers just the mood to get you singing in your feels to the beautiful melodies and get your body dancing to the artistically energetic electronic runs riddled in this piece.

Don Diablo consistently creates magic with his fresh and unique sounds that are unmatched in the EDM industry, giving listeners a sensational experience while still inciting even the most avid of movers to get on their feet and get their body swaying to the beat. While the genres most associated with his music are arguably along the lines of Future House and Electro Pop, this artist’s work knows no bounds, as he constantly breaks boundaries and proves that art and music can fit outside the mold. Hear his remix of renowned producer David Guetta’s song “Thing For You” below!

David Guetta & Martin Solveig – Thing For You (Don Diablo Remix) | Official Audio

Guetta and Solveig, the two French producers/singer-songwriters behind the original track, released it a bit earlier this summer, leaving the track open to remixing, and the possibilities were endless! Thankfully Don Diablo took advantage of this opportunity, adding in so much of his own flare and creating a completely different atmosphere in the song, truly making it his own. The track opens with beautiful, ethereal runs that lightly coat the background of the vocals, letting the lyrics guide the song as his work evolves and shines more and more as the track progresses. The chorus, most notably, combines distinct and constant beats with blissful and artistic melodies that create a sense of wonder combined with sheer happiness that are sure to draw the listener even further into the song.

Want to experience Don Diablo’s music in person? He’s playing at Goldrush this September! Buy tickets and see the full lineup here. Who knows, you might even find you’ve got a ‘thing’ for Don Diablo too.

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Photo: Danny Olson 

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