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Figure Unveils ‘The Hearse Song’

Infamous, yet twisted, horror bass DJ Figure produced a new track that can rattle the bones of any audience. The song is inspired by a poem found in the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Figure’s repertoire of fearsome tunes sends listeners to unshackle their demons, creating ultimate monstrosity on the dance floor. “The Hearse Song,” with Big N Slim, features singer Lexi Norton, whose voice pierces through the opening of the track, illustrating the juxtaposition of both fear and innocence. Throughout the track, listeners will are presented with mischievous laughs, screams, and let’s not forget torrential bass. Figure’s inventive play with a children’s classic has molded yet another heavy hitter within the dubstep community. Give this track a listen, but approach with ease, prepare for childhood nostalgia to cascade through your thoughts.

he lyrics warrant eerie imagination and pure debauchery. “The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, slowly eating you underground, they crack your ribs, and bite your teeth, prey upon secrets you no longer keep,” give an uneasy feeling that is somehow welcomed because of the nostalgia it provides.

Figure brings his spooky vibes to Shady Park this October 11th. Halloween is his forte so expect him to go all out on this one; grab your tickets here.

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