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Madeon Debuts ‘Good Faith’ Live @ Lollapalooza

French producer, Hugo Leclercq, has masterfully created a name for himself among the vast waters of EDM as the one and only Madeon. We’ve followed his career blossoming from 2011 with his 39-song mash-up set “Pop Culture,” to his 2015 debut album Adventure, to collaborations with the likes of Porter Robinson and Foster the People. Now, we are ready for this next project he dubs the “Good Faith Era.” As fans, we have watched Madeon become this vibrant bloom of personality that creates the most serene and bubbly musical experiences. His upcoming sophomore album, Good Faith, is right around the corner, but Leclercq just had to tease us with his first live-set performed at Lollapalooza. Arizonans will have to wait until November to get our own live taste, but with the number of mashups, renditions, and IDs that graced the ears of Lolla-goers, live-set watchers, and even those pressing play now, that date couldn’t come soon enough. Listen to this new era of Madeon music, that doesn’t leave behind the tracks that started it all, below.

In an interview, Leclercq said before stepping into the studio to work on Good Faith, “I felt like I had a new sense of purpose, a new ideal way to express what Madeon was about. I also felt freedom that Madeon could be anything I wanted. I challenged myself to be exactly the artist I want, to celebrate all of my influences electronic and non-electronic alike.”

Madeon created the Good Faith album and live set in tandem. It’s a new production full of glittering lights, flawless vocals, and that signature Madeon sound that envelops every audience in an aura of unapologetic bliss. He will be performing his Good Faith set at The Van Buren on November 7th and the El Rey Theater in New Mexico the next day. Don’t hesitate to click and get tickets.

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