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Borgore’s ‘Tetris’ is a Whole New Game

If you were going to use the word ‘infamous’ to describe an artist, Borgore definitely fits the bill. Known for his raunchy lyrics, death metal aesthetic, and having zero f*cks, he’s dominated the heavy sphere of EDM for years. From his music alone you’d never guess he was actually born in the holy land of Israel. Since the start of his career, Borgore has made a name for himself through his original tracks, many of which feature his own vocals. Not only is Borgore sensational enough to write wildly explicit songs, but he’s also confident enough to rap on them. To prepare fans for his new project, The Art of Gore, Borgore has released “Tetris,” a track fused with hip-hop and dubstep elements that will knock your speakers. Listen responsibly. 

Right off the bat, Borgore is up to his usual tricks on “Tetris,” detailing his not so respectful intentions with your girlfriend. The significance of the track’s title becomes very apparent as he raps about how many women he’s attempting to fit into his bedroom. The track continues over Borgore’s verse before dropping into a decimating dubstep chop that is sure to leave the rail shaking. As Borgore chants over the beat, it’s evident to listeners that his reckless style isn’t going anywhere. In fact, there’s more coming. “Tetris” ends on a high note, an intense second bass drop bringing the song together under the freak flag of Borgore

Coming out just in time for the weekend, Borgore’s 3rd studio album, The Art of Gore, drops Friday, September 27th via Buygore Records. Keep an ear out for the project as it makes waves across the dubstep community from DJs to fans. Borgore will be performing in Arizona on select dates in Flagstaff and Tucson. Get tickets to witness “Gorestep” for yourself.

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